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Privacy Policy

Apple Avenue Motel takes the privacy and security of our web site visitors’ information very seriously. Please note that the following privacy statement applies strictly to this web site,, and has no bearing on any third party web sites that you may access by clicking on a link from this site.

How we use your information:

Any information collected from our web site visitors is used solely for the purpose stated at the time the information is requested. Apple Avenue Motel will NOT utilize your email information for unsolicited advertising (SPAM); however, we do reserve the right to contact you, whenever necessary, regarding any transaction that has been conducted on this web site. Examples of necessary communication include, but may not be limited to, booking confirmations, cancellation confirmations, and payment receipts. In the event you have subscribed to receive any recurring contact from Apple Avenue Motel, including newsletters, promotions, and event notifications, we will continue to contact you accordingly, until such time that we are notified by you that you no longer wish to receive such communication.

Sharing your information:

Apple Avenue Motel WILL NOT sell any information collected from you on this web site to third parties for any reason. Furthermore, we will not share your contact information (your email address, mailing address, and/or phone number) with third parties, without first gaining your express permission to do so, and will consider such permission to apply only to the specific circumstance. For example, if you are requesting to receive promotions from Apple Avenue Motel, we may ask if you would also like to receive promotions from a local business partner. If you give us your permission, your contact information will be shared ONLY with that business partner. If you are not asked, or you decline, than your contact information WILL NOT be shared.


This web site may use session cookies. These cookies are used in order for the site to work properly while you are visiting or giving us information of what our clients like and dislike so we can improve our services. Our cookies DO NOT track your activity outside of the domain of this web site, either on the internet or your personal computer.


This web site booking partner utilizes 256 bit SSL encryption on all pages where you may enter sensitive data. Encryption prevents others from seeing your data as it is transmitted from your browser to the server. Under no circumstances do we transmit highly sensitive data, for example, your credit card information, via email, as email is notoriously unsecure. In the event you are entering highly sensitive data into a form on this site, the information will be transmitted securely with encryption to our protected database.